I’m back!

Yes,finally I’m back dears…. since my last post on january,2010 it means almost 3 years I’ve ignored my blog…

How are you there?is all the things come for goods?
For me,
Many things&much feels already happened …and nowadays I can say that “hey!I can face all smoothly”;)

Slowly I start to look back what already happened in my life.?
#i graduated &come back to indonesia since dec 2009
#i joined on training since jan 2010
#passed training,I started to work since june 2013
#my beloved husband propose me on june,4 2013;)
#september,8,2010 i received a news that i could work In jakarta despite overall indonesia (and also on that day my wedding invitation card already finished since I really worried that I should work outside jakarta)
#september till february was so busy with my wedding preparation (high pressure..hehe)
#teng teng teng…on march,26,2011 I become a wife.. 😉
#after ied 2011,around early october 2011 i got an incredible news that I’l become a mother;)
#oct  2011 till june 2012 I was so busy for my pregnancy (my feel,my health,my skill)
#during my happiness as a pregnant woman,Alloh reminded me..on november,24,2011(4th months pregnancy), my father passed away..
Its not easy,but I can face it..
#tadaa.. june,6,2012 at 15.17pm Arrumaisha Alifa Fitri has come to complete my life…
#my story life changed suddenly,my life is full with learn&love..mom newbie
#still work,still pump,still drive..that what I’ve done during that day.. and now I add my activity by..”write” 😉

I’ve sum up my 3 years back… and now..
I ready  to write!

Nb:I’ll add some pictures later:D

“Waktu berjalan sangat cepat,hidup ku hanya sebentar,jadi harus dapat kupastikan dan kuusahakan bahwa setiap detik dalam hidupku adalah bahagia”


2 Responses to I’m back!

  1. Mosyi says:

    Kak Dithaa…. Huhu… Balik blogging lagi dong Kakaa… Hehe :-*

  2. dita ade susanti says:

    hihi..iya ini balik blogging :*

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